Welcome to Allie’s World


Thank you for stopping by my little spot here on this wide world web.  My name is Mish Volonino and I am a big DIY Miniaturist, and Dollhouse Renovater, and Basher.

I’ve been posting on Instagram for the last year all the little miniatures I have made for my dollhouses, scenes, dioramas, and roomboxes. I often hear I need to write a blog entry and share how I created a particular item.

So here I am creating a blog for all those Miniaturists who like to find inspiration and for the beginner dollhouse enthusiasts who wonders how we do what we do.

I am very frugal with my hobby because……well…..let’s face it…….dollhouses and miniatures are expensive. If there is a way I can create a miniature replica of my favorite furniture, food, or decorative item…..I’m doing it. And I wanna share with you. I also would love to see your creations so please feel free to share.

Love Mishy

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